Dear colleagues, altruistic, selfless teachers of our institute! First of all, I would like to sincerely congratulate all the teachers of our country who glorify the honorary title of Teacher. Today we celebrate this great holiday in our country, while there is such a great profession as a teacher, there is life. Sometimes it’s hard to understand everything in life just by reading books. But it’s even harder to train others. In order for a young man to reach high targets in science and education, the teacher puts his soul and his feelings into the upbringing and education of young man. Teachers help to look to the future, overcome difficulties, choose the right path in life, and enjoy victories as well as console in failures. That is why the work of the teacher is priceless.

I would like to express my best wishes to our dear teachers, who are an example for us, a symbol of high human qualities. As the great Alisher Navoi said, we cannot express our gratitude to the teachers for their noble work with all the riches and treasures of the world. Today's festive mood shows that the congratulatory greeting of the head of our state, Shavkat Mirziyoyev Miromonovich, to teachers and mentors of the republic gave all scientists and educators an even greater spirit. As we already mentioned in the greeting of the head of our state, when we think about solving one of the most complex and important problems facing a rapidly changing world, the solution of which is precisely the education and upbringing of youth, the formation of spirituality and enlightenment. Education is like two wings of a bird. Just as a bird needs two wings to take off to a height, you must do a great job of teaching young people how to practice properly.

As a nation has a proverb, knowledge is compared to digging a well with a needle. Today, more than 350 professors and teachers teach at the institute. Focusing on the results of the last year, 18 teachers defended their dissertations only for a year. Two of them received degrees at prestigious foreign universities. This year, many teachers expect such achievements. Our state and society highly value our contribution to the development of our country and our responsible accomplishments.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to once again congratulate you on October 1st, a happy teacher’s day, and wish you all good health, happiness to your families and new successes in your noble endeavors. Never tire of shining light to the young generation!

 Amrillo Inoyatov

Rector of the Institute, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor


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